Sturgeon Fishing

Snake River Hells Canyon Sturgeon Fishing


Snake River Sturgeon fishing is a special rare treat. These fish that roam the Hells Canyon area have lived for up to 100 years. They can reach lengths of up to 14 feet and been seen airborne. The deep pools of the Snake River and variable water temperatures make the waters ideal. There’s lots of feed for these bottom dwellers that help feed their large frames. We know where most of these fish roam and have even named some of them. They do migrate some depending on water flows and temperatures but for the most part when our guides pull in to a specific hole, they know that there’s about to be a hook up. When that happens, hold on to your pants! 2 anglers needed to fight these beasts. In the Hells Canyon area of the Snake River, sturgeon fishing is catch and release only.

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