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Clearwater River Fall Steelhead Fishing

Catch and Release July 15 – Oct 14

Clearwater River catch and release season opens up on July 15th for steelhead that just entered the Clearwater. With the cooler temperatures of the Clearwater, the river begins to fill with a mix of both A and B run fish. While other guides are out chasing fish on the Columbia, the opportunity to have big fish days is there. These fish are extremely hot and vulnerable to any of our baits we throw at them. If you want to catch lots of fish and don’t mind releasing them, this is the fishery for you.

Clearwater River Fall & Winter Steelhead Fishing

Oct 15 – March 31 Keeper Season

This is our meat and potatoes fishery that has us chasing world class B run steelhead for the next 6 months. All our guides live in the valley and anxiously await for this time of the year. All of us are equipped with the finest jet boats and gear to accommodate our fishing clients. We own one of the exclusive permits to operate business on the Clearwater that keeps the boat traffic to a minimum. This is our most popular fishery and keeps us busy. We get clients from all over the world that book us for a Clearwater River adventure. This is one of the premier steelhead fishing rivers in the world.

Snake River Fall & Winter Steelhead Fishing

Snake River Fall & Winter Steelhead Fishing


The Snake River steelhead is much smaller than it’s Clearwater cousin but offers plenty of opportunities at having big number days. Averaging 6-10 pounds the Snake River fish have a personality of their own. In contrary to the Clearwater fish, their bite is nowhere soft. The snake produces huge runs that offers stellar fishing well in to February. The Scenery is picturesque and the wildlife abundant. Most of our fishing is around the Heller bar area where they Grande Ronde dumps in. We have the best team of guides available to fish and accommodate your group

Grande Ronde Fall & Winter Steelhead Fishing


Put this on your bucket list! Scenery, wildlife, and feisty fish all from a drift boat down one of the most beautiful Northwest Rivers. Pitching eggs under a float or simply back trolling our favorite bait behind a diver is lethal on these beautiful fish. Don’t let the smallness of this river fool you as it is rich with an awesome steelhead run that offers a trip to remember. We have 2 guides that are really good on this fishery so that makes this a very limited trip. Call for best fishing times and to make arrangements to book your trip.

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