Salmon Fishing

Clearwater River Spring Chinook Salmon Fishing

April 25 – June 15

Clearwater River Spring Chinook start entering the system in April. The state regulates our fishing quota so the season is always pending on how many fish the state will let outfitters keep. There are years that the season starts in mid May and ends the middle of June so make sure you call us in advance to assure your fishing date. These Salmon are great table fare and are excellent on the BBQ. We start fishing the Clearwater around the town of Lewiston Idaho and eventually make our way up river toward the town of Orofino Idaho. We have 4 guides to facilitate your groups.

Columbia River Summer Chinook Salmon Fishing

Columbia River Summer Chinook Salmon Fishing


These fish provide anglers with big battles and are excellent eaters, very similar to the Spring Chinook Salmon. Much bigger in size and significantly stronger make this fishing trip one to enjoy. The state will set the season early in the spring so make sure you call early for availability. Our Stott’s West Coast Columbia River fishing guide Brett Dickerson will facilitate most of our Columbia River salmon trips.

Buoy 10 Fall Chinook Salmon Fishing


Buoy 10 Fall Chinook Salmon/Silver Fishing Astoria Oregon August-September If you’re in to catching bright, chromed torpedoes then this is the fishery for you. This fishery produces the greatest series of runs that the Columbia has to offer. The Chinook start to pile in to the Buoy 10 area and will gorge on bait till they are ready to head up to their spawning grounds. This is one of the most sought after fish and a very popular adventure so make sure you call early for bookings. The town of Astoria has many lodging options but they too get booked!

Hanford Reach Fall Chinook Salmon Fishing


The Wringlold section of the Columbia River around the Tri Cities area in the state of Washington has produced some of our largest Salmon caught to date. These lower Columbia fish are caught mainly on wobblers and herring baits. This is a fun fishing trip with great weather and big fish. Our Hanford Chinook trips are 30 minutes from the towns of Richland, Kennewick, or Pasco Washington so lodging choices are at a premium. This is a relatively short season so make sure you get on the books early.

Snake River Fall Chinook Salmon Fishing


The Snake River fall Chinook salmon season is a rather short one that usually provides us with about 3 good weeks of fishing. The Chinook salmon will hold around the confluence for a while before they decide to head up farther up into the Snake. This gives us great opportunity to whack fish close to town. We’ll follow the fish up to Heller bar and isolate there for our Salmon/Steelhead combo trip. We’ll do most of our fishing around the Heller bar area and sometimes up into the Hells Canyon area. We’ll have 3 or 4 guides available to run our trips that all have killer jet boats. Our guides are some of the best guides in the area and know where the fish are.

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