Remembering Jason Stottlemyre

Remembering Jason Stottlemyre

The easiest things in life are to work hard, love my family, and cherish our relationships we have with our fishing friends and the hardest thing I've ever had to do was say good bye to my brother. From that day on, I mad a promise to myself and to my little brother up above, I would never take life for granite and would live it like he did.

Jason's spirit still lives with us and impacts us every day as he is our back bone behind everything our family stands for. For those of you that watched Jason fight his battle with Leukemia, realize today what an impact he continues to have on everyone that was part of his life. Jason was not only a special kid, but a special athlete too. Most that knew him will tell you, he was a better pitcher than both Todd and I. He lived every moment to the fullest and cherished the times he felt good enough to go duck hunting with Dad or fishing with the family. Never once did I hear my little brother complain but we all knew his sickness was wearing on him. I was old enough to realize what was happening and the magnitude of his disease, but still couldn't bare thinking about living life without him.

There's so much I can write about Jason and sometimes I get lost with finding the right words. Having a beautiful wife, healthy kids, and a loving family makes me a very blessed man, but I still get an empty feeling during the holidays. I know that my Mom, Dad, and brother still have those same feelings as well. Our family today has such a strong bond and knows that Jason is looking down on us, with a big smile as we travel through the journeys of life.

Our family continues to help raise money for cancer research with hopes of one day finding a cure. Our Cast for a Cure Celebrity Fishing Tournament in Lewiston Idaho will hopefully play a big part towards that. Together with our family and fishing friends, we can help fight the cause and make a difference in someone's life.

I wrote this page on our website in honor of my little brother, Jason Stottlemyre and to remember the lessons he taught us about life. We hope you enjoy looking through the photos, and smile with us as we celebrate Jason's life.

Mel Stottlemyre Jr

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