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Pacific Northwest Winter Fishing Trips

There’s something legendary about the Pacific Northwest winter fishing trips that seems like everywhere you turn there are larger than life landscapes and historic locations. Getting caught up in the majesty of the northwest is easy, but anglers know that the region has world class fishing rivers, lakes and reservoirs. The winter steelhead fishing runs are some of the best in North America and we have the Clearwater and Snake that support big runs. Winter fishing in Idaho is all about steelhead fishing on the World – Famous Clearwater River in Lewiston Idaho.

Great Fishing on the Clearwater River

The weather in the Northwest can put the brakes on planned fishing in many of the regions area but not the Clearwater. The Clearwater rarely becomes unfishable with steady river flows and new fish that arrive each month. Right around the corner is another premier steelhead river, Snake River in the Hells Canyon area. The Clearwater and Snake River is without a doubt 2 of Pacific Northwest’s finest fisheries that are both accessed from the Lewiston/Clarkston area.

World Class Walleye & Sturgeon Fishing

The Columbia river system might be the world’s best sportfishing destination with winter – time focusing on chasing trophy walleye and sturgeon in the Lake Wallula, Lake Umatilla, Hanford Reach, and John Day Pool area. The Tri-Cities area holds the state walleye record of 20.9 lb. and guides feel the next world record will come from the Columbia in that same area. Potholes Reservoir is our hidden gem that has incredible walleye fishing and the bass, crappie, perch. Bluegill fishing isn’t too shabby either.

Hard Work Guides Work Year-Round

We are fortunate to have such wonderful fisheries that provide anglers many choices of species to target. Our fishing guide service is proud to have some of the hardest working guides on the water that are willing to travel to these incredible places to fish our loyal clients

We’ve broken down our fishing by seasons to inform our anglers when the best time to fish is, on their favorite body of water. Fishing changes with each season, and our guide service promises to keep things fresh with those changes.

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Clearwater, Columbia, Lake Umatilla, Lake Wallula, McNary, John Day, Potholes Reservoir, Snake River Hell's Canyon

Clearwater River

December – March

December – March
The Clearwater River in Lewiston Idaho has some of the best steelhead fishing in the World. Angler’s come from all over the world to fish to fish with us, chasing giant B-run steelhead on this special permit, based river. We own 2 exclusive permits that allow our team of 6 guides to fish the better part of 7 months fishing on the Clearwater River. Winter steelhead fishing on the Clearwater can be some of the most productive time of the year to catch both Big numbers and Big Fish. We use light line tackle and side drifting is the preferred method…. But our guides are all well versed in other techniques when needed.

Columbia River – Lake Umatilla & Lake Wallula

December – Feburary

The Columbia River winter season is a great time to experience the rivers sport fishing haven. Winter – time offers walleye anglers opportunities at some bigger fish. The state record, 20.9 pounds was caught in the same river section in which we operate our trips. We mainly target the bigger fish in the Lake Wallula and Lake Umatilla sections fishing the Columbia River. We have 3 expert guides available for larger groups!

Columbia River Sturgeon – McNary & John Day

December – Feburary

The Columbia River has one of the world’s largest sturgeon population, right in our back yard! Our winter sturgeon fishing is outstanding and combines nicely with our Columbia River/Lake Umatilla walleye fishing. Winter sturgeon fishing in the McNary Lake Umatilla Pool begins our keeper season and fishing is excellent. We’ve had some 30 fish days and many over-size sturgeon landed.

Potholes Reservoir

December – Feburary

Potholes Reservoir fishing is a popular spot for the locals but in my opinion, a hidden jewel for anglers wanting to catch warm water species. Our guides never get tired of catching walleye, perch, bass, bluegill, and crappie on the 28,000 acres reservoir in Eastern Washington. Winter can be super productive once the ice is off as the fish are on the hunt. There is nearby lodging, restaurants, RV camping and a few local taverns. We recommend doing multiple day trips for our fly in guests.

Snake River Hells Canyon

December – Feburary

The Hells Canyon sturgeon are some of the biggest in the world! Enjoy the beauty of the shale cliffs and wildlife that roam in the canyon, while you tangle with the World’s largest freshwater fish. Heller Bar is the gate way to the deepest gorge in North America. Our angler’s love combining their sturgeon trip with some Hells Canyon steelhead fishing. Winter fishing in the Lewiston/Clarkston area is super popular and attracts anglers from all over the Pacific Northwest.

Snake River Hells Canyon

December – Feburary

We have 2 excellent steelhead fisheries in the Lewiston/Clarkston area that both are considered world class fishing. The Snake River Hells Canyon trips offer our steelhead anglers beautiful scenery and a healthy A- Run fish. The Snake River fish are smaller in stature than the Clearwater cousin but offer anglers a completely different experience. Catch fish while you view the abundant wildlife that roam the canyons and take in breath taking views of the steep canyon walls. We access our Hells Canyon trips from the Hellar Bar boat ramp

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