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Guided Walleye Fishing Trips

Walleye fishing in the Pacific Northwest has vastly become one of the hottest destination fisheries in the United States. Stott’s fishing team chases walleye year around on the Columbia and Snake Rivers as well Potholes Reservoir. Walleye were introduced to this part of the country in the early 1960’s and since have flourished in our river systems. Abundant food sources and plenty of structure creates perfect conditions for growing trophy sized fish. We have lots of 2 to 4 pound fish that are best known for the excellent table fare but our anglers choose to hire our guide service to chase the potential new world record. The current Washington state record, weighing just over 20 pounds was caught right in our back yard on the Columbia River around the Tri Cities area.

Pacific Northwest Strong in Walleye Numbers

Guides and Tournament anglers believe that the next world record will come from this same area we fish. Walleye populations on the Columbia are growing stronger and stronger every year so both Washington and Oregon Fish & Game removed a daily limit on walleyes.

Stott’s walleye fishing guides aim to provide opportunity for harvesting this tasty white meat while protecting the future of trophy sized fish. We do recommend releasing walleye in the 26 – inch class and will be happy to take measurements and pics for your local taxidermist. Our walleye trips are great for anglers of all ages and experience levels. We can combine the trip with sturgeon, bass, perch, crappie and even salmon depending on time of year.

Over 20 Years of Walleye Fishing

Our guides have been chasing Columbia River walleye for over 20 years and are committed to providing great opportunity for catching fish year around. We’ve taken some of our Great Lake techniques and experiences to our rivers and reservoirs of the Pacific Northwest. The Columbia River walleye fishing is great from January pre-spawn through November and our Potholes Reservoir fishes until ice on. In January, the Walleye will start to move out of the deeper water and feed up on the flats getting ready for spawn in April and May. Walleye start to become very active when water temperatures reaches the upper 40’s and fish begin to spawn in lower 50 degrees temperatures. This time of the year we will be fishing the Umatilla Pool around the Tri Cites area and all the way down river to the John Day depending on water and weather conditions.

Excellent Fishing on 29k Acres

The 29,000 acres Potholes Reservoir fishes excellent for eater sized fish but can also produce fish into the teens. Post spawn on both fisheries is a great time to catch lots of fish targeting more the males. Fishing through the summer months can be enjoyable with nice warm weather and schooling fish. Temperatures can reach the 90’s so if you’re interested in swimming with a 10-foot sturgeon, combine your walleye with a sturgeon trip. Fall walleye fishing on the Columbia can be challenging as the Hanford Reach salmon fishery is in full effect. Millions of shad line the river and there is no shortage of feed for the walleye. Best option is to pull crankbaits at night or fish Potholes for some excellent fall walleye fishing.

We get asked the question a lot, when is the best time of the year to fish. My answer is this, pre-spawn you chase trophy fish and catch 15-20 eater sized walleye with your group of 3 to 4 anglers, post spawn through the summer months we can expect more numbers and fewer big fish. With all our guided trips we supply the bait & tackle, beverages and cook our anglers a tasty, hot BBQ lunch. We guarantee at least 8 hours of fishing, cleaning and bagging your catch, and a great overall fishing experience.

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Walleye fish on the
Columbia River

Walleye Fishing On The Columbia River

The Columbia River is the largest river in the Pacific Northwest and forms most of the border between Washington and Oregon. Our walleye fishing guide services operate on 150 miles of river section that mainly focuses on the Mid-Columbia waters between Priest Rapids down to the Umatilla Pool of the Rufus area. Our most popular locations are around the Lake Wallula area of the Tri Cities which provides most of our pre-spawn fishing. Lake Umatilla offers us excellent fishing opportunities which is just down river from the Tri Cities. Depending on weather and water conditions, we will move around according to the best fishing opportunities. There are numerous boat ramps that we launch from starting at McNary Dam, working down through Plymouth, Irrigon, Paterson, Blalock Island, Glade Creek, Boardman, and Crow Butte.

Channel & Hard Bottom Flats Walleye Fishing

The Columbia River has lots of channels adjacent to hard bottom flats that extend up to points creating breaks from the rivers current. We isolate on current line breaks and fish structure though-out the flats. We are experienced in the most advanced walleye techniques and will go over the most successful methods during the morning briefing. Some of our favorite lures and techniques are pulling worm harnesses, trolling crank baits, blade baits, jig fishing, dipsy & spoons, board fishing, jigging raps and throwing swim baits. We specialize in lite line tackle and use the finest Edge Rods.

Our dedicated team of guides are committed to fishing our anglers in the best possible water to catch fish. We will move around throughout these areas based on best fishing spots but always keep safety in the forefront. Water flow, Wind, and moon phases will all play into making good choices. If you have a favorite technique, don’t hesitate to let our guides know at safety briefing.

Walleye fish the
Potholes Reservoir

Potholes Reservoir Walleye Trips

Potholes Reservoir is located 7 miles south of Moses Lake Washington and offers 29,000 acres of year around fishing. Most anglers travel to this Eastern Washington fishery for the great walleye fishing it produces but the reservoir also offers a variety of other fishing opportunities such as crappie, perch, trout, large & smallmouth bass. Winter – time on the lake presents some excellent ice fishing and during the spring, Potholes is one of the most productive walleye fisheries in the region. There is no shortage of feed on Potholes with lots of excellent staging areas for spawning walleye.

Find Bait Fish – Score Walleye

Best fishing is where you find perch and other bait fish. There is drop offs and underwater humps, gravel points, ledges that create awesome holding water for schooling fish. The fishing on the Reservoir changes though-out the course of the year and our guides work it accordingly. We’ll target as many of our spots that we have marked on the fish finder over the course of the day until we find a large population of fish. There are many times we’ll jig fish up in 30-40 foot of water and other times we catch them in 7-10 foot, pulling cranks or casting blade baits. Some of the more productive areas we fish are the rock shelves around Goose Island, mouth of Crab Creek and the North shoreline of Linn Coulee. Road and creek beds sit between the face of the dunes that make for some great blade bait fishing. Boards and cranks are very popular when targeting suspended fish.

Our walleye fishing guides are very proactive when it comes to changing techniques and staying in tune with what the walleye want. This is a special fishery that if you like catching lots of walleye with a mix of pan fish and bass, you are in for a treat. There’s a daily limit of 25 perch, Combination of 25 bluegill and crappie, and daily limit of 8 walleye in which one can be over 22 inches. Potholes has a beautiful state park with camping and a world class cleaning station with electricity and a fish grinder. Mardon resort offers summer cabins, rental homes, tenting area, lake side RV park, tackle store, restaurant, marina, moorage, and a sports center.

Walleye Fishing Techniques

There are so many different types of walleye lures and lots of different ways to target walleye, that it sometimes can become confusing and to the point of overwhelming. Although we have to adjust to the important factors like water temps, rising and falling barometers, wind, pre or post spawn season, walleyes are still considered predators. The Northwest’s rivers and reservoirs have plenty of food sources and hiding spots to ambush bait fish. There are a few things to remember when searching for walleye which will lead you to your preferred fishing lure, better known as tips:

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