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Stotts Fishing Adventures

Stotts Fishing Adventures will fish with groups and individuals of all skill levels. Being a family run business, we take our clients seriously with the understanding that each fishermen possesses a different level of experience. We like to think of ourselves as your private coach. On every trip, our guides will assure that your line and rod are in the most effective spot to give you the best opportunity to catch fish. With our years of experience we can also provide and exceptional guided service even the advanced fishermen can enjoy and learn from! Stotts fishing guides will NOT fish along with clients as we feel obligated to provide you with the best opportunity to catch fish. Whether it's a company, family, or friend outing we're here to put you on fish.

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Clearwater River World Class B-Run Steelhead fishing!

The Clearwater River. Ahhhhh Yes! This World Class fishery is where we make our home for ten months of Trophy Fishing. We are fortunate to own one of these exclusive permits on this river which allows our guides to navigate their jet boats and treat fisherman to a Stott’s Adventure. The Clearwater rivers headwaters originate in Montana, making its way through canyons and valleys creating riffles and tail outs with crystal clear water. Some stretches of the river can be as deep as 70 feet which make for awesome holding water to pound Chinook Salmon in the Spring.

Fishing Steelhead on the Clearwater

Fishing Steelhead on the Clearwater

The Clearwater Rivers water flow can fluctuate daily with snow melt, rain, and Dworshack dam but it rarely causes us to pull off the river. All our jet boats are specially built to handle any water flow and our fishing adjusts accordingly. The main part of the river is almost always fish-able as warmer water comes out of the North Fork which keeps water from icing up. While other Winter Steelhead fisheries struggle to give fisherman consistent opportunities to fish, the Clearwater River stays fish-able all Season. Our Steelhead season begins in September and goes until Oct 15th, which begins the start of our catch and keep season. Fishing changes throughout the season and our methods will too.

Read About Our Fishing Trips

Our Team of guides are on the water every day, knowing where the fish are and what they’re biting on. Once we’re on the water with our clients, it’s game on! Our Company builds its foundation around hard work, happy clients, integrity on the river, and creating new relationships. We take interest in coaching our clients to becoming better fisherman and have the patience to work with any skill level. The Clearwater River is regulated by the Idaho Outfitters and Guide Board which keeps this fishery from getting over fished from having too many outfitters and guides on the water.

We are thankful and privileged to run our business on this World Class Northwest Fishery and respect all that goes in to conducting business on the Clearwater. If you’re interested in booking one of our adventures, email us or feel free to call us with any questions you might have, (208) 503-3878. We hope you’ll let us create a package for you !! Tight Lines from the Stott’s Crew

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