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We are very proud of our team and what they have to offer to our fishing clients. When Stott’s fishing was in the infant stages, we talked about building a brand that clients would be proud of. Our first order of business was to formulate a team of the best local guides in the valley that possessed all the intangibles that were important to Pops and I. Loyalty, hard work, commitment, and a relentless approach to putting our clients on fish was essential. Also being able to interact and coach our clients to becoming better fishermen starts the minute you step on to our boats.

Our guides are also very diverse and able to adjust to any and all fishing conditions. We feel it is important to our fishing clients that they get to know who our guides are and that they will NOT be contracted out to another guide from another outfitter. We also don’t fish with our clients, as we feel obligated to providing them the best opportunity for catching fish. We feel very good in saying that our guides take great care of our fishing guests. Thanks for being part of our fishing family.

Mel Stottlemyre Jr.

Mel is the owner/operator of Stott's Fishing Adventures and also guides his clients during the baseball off-season. The Stottlemyre Family has spent most of their lifetime in Major League baseball. Mel Jr. is still working in baseball and currently the pitching coach with the Seattle Mariners. Watching his Dad pitch for the New York Yankees and getting a chance to roam the outfield in Yankee stadium was a thrill for a kid coming from a little country town in the state of Washington.

Not only was it baseball that excited Mel and his brothers, wetting a line with Thurmon Munson and some of the other ball players was quite the thrill. Just like baseball, fishing was in the families blood. Fishing Florida lakes in Spring Training then returning back home to Washington to chase Steelhead in the Winter become a Stottlemyre staple. Following in Pops footsteps was a dream of Mel Jr and his brother Todd. Both pitching in the Big Leagues and now getting an opportunity to guide fishing clients has come full circle. Mel has a lifetime of fishing experience on our Northwest rivers.

Mel correlates coaching his young pitchers with his every day fishing clients. Techniques, patience, and a little hard work has always been a basic fundamental that he learned along the way. His fishing passion has led him to the Clearwater river where he teamed up with his Pops to purchase an exclusive permit to operate their fishing business on. Parts of 30 years, the Clearwater river has given Mel the education to share with his clients. He operates his 24 foot Idaho Boat Jet boat that was custom built for the Clearwater river in mind. Mel has selected a team of guides that share the same passion and love for the river and their clients.

Mel's fishing Lineup: Clearwater River Steelhead, Columbia River Walleye, Snake River Steelhead & Salmon

More Than Fishing

His Moto "More than Fishing" portrays the Stott's Fishing Adventures Brand. Mel and his wife Lisa make their home in Lewiston Idaho. There sons Colton and Blaise can be found working the family business along side Dad. Daughter Maleigha lives in the Portland area pursuing a career in the professional sports field. Family values and friendships are the core of the business with every adventure, comes new relationships. Come join us for an adventure of a lifetime.

Bryan Miller

Bryan Miller grew up in Eastern Washington and did as all young kids do in the great Northwest fish, hunt, and play sports. His fond memories that he carries with him today were spent with his Dad fishing on the streams and lakes throughout the Northwest. Starring in both football and baseball, his competitive disposition lead him through high school and eventually on to North Idaho and St Martins college where he played  baseball.

Being a full time student and college baseball player, Bryan still found time to fish a lot of our Northwest rivers. Catching his first steelhead on the Snake River, the bug known as steelhead fever got in his blood. That first steelhead experience lead him fishing on the banks of the Grande Rhonde and Clearwater river. At that time, he never realized his passion would later on create an opportunity to fish for a living. Bryan's fishing experience didn't stop in the Northwest as he has guided for salmon and trout in the great state of Alaska. Bryan and his wife Tammy make their home in Orofino Idaho.

Guiding on the Clearwater for more than 15 years has developed Bryan as one of the fishiest guides on the river. His drift boat business that he bought from his uncle Roger Monger more than 10 years ago has given him credibility as one of the top drift boat outfitters. In 2013, Bryan joined Stott's Fishing bringing  his credibility, wealth of knowledge both as a fisherman and a guide. His ability to adapt to all fishing conditions and put his clients on fish make Bryan a company favorite.

Most of the time you'll find him side drifting in his 23 foot Riddle Marine jet pounding the fast riffle of a run and working his way down to the tail outs, leaving no stone un-turned. He's a great coach for our clients and takes pride in making people happy.

Bryan's fishing Lineup: Clearwater River Steelhead & Salmon, Snake River Sturgeon, Steelhead, Salmon. Columbia River Salmon & Walleye

Tom Bullock

Tom Bullock works as a steelhead guide during the fall and winter months. His employer is Clearwater River Company LLC on the Clearwater River in Idaho and Stott's Fishing Adventures. In his position there he is a licensed drift boat guide and has learned the river and fish intimately from Kooskia to Lewiston.

Tom is also a licensed fishing guide in Washington State. His expertise is in trophy Sturgeon in the Snake River along the southern portion of Hells Canyon outside of the NRA. He also provides trips for Smallmouth Bass, Fall Chinook Salmon in the Hanford Reach area of the Columbia River and some steelhead trips on the Snake River during the fall months.

After completing college Tom decided he wanted to work as a fishing guide. This was the result of growing up in a family that loved fishing and helping others learn the sport. He started his professional fishing career drifting the Grande Rhonde River for Steelhead. From there he spent a number of summers fishing Salmon in Alaska then returning to the Lewis-Clark area and working for Clearwater River Company LLC to work the Fall/Winter steelhead run on the Clearwater River in Idaho.

Pat Long, former owner of Snake River Guide Service coached Tom on Sturgeon fishing and fishing techniques while Tom decked for him a number of years ago. He learned quickly and now is working to provide the same quality fishing experience to his own clients.

Tom's versatility and experience is a true asset to Stott's Fishing Adventures. He's as detailed as any river guide out there. His quiet and confident approach is well recieved by our fishing clients. His years of deck-handing and guiding out of a drift boat have equipped him to be a great power boat guide. Fishy he is!

Tom's Fishing Lineup: Clearwater River Steelhead & Salmon, Columbia River Sturgeon, Salmon, Steelhead, Bass

Grande Ronde Bass & Steelhead, Snake River Sturgeon, Bass, Salmon, Steelhead, Walleye

Stormy Patton

Stormy Patton AKA... Orofino Hillbilly is from the great state of California and now makes his home in Orofino Idaho where he lives with his bride Heather and daughter Brooklyn. As a young boy he enjoyed the competition of playing sports and played both football and baseball through his high school years. Stormy also found the love for the outdoors making high mountain horse back trips for rainbow trout. At the age of 4, he got his first lesson at how fishing can be when he fell down a rock cliff and received his first set of stitches. He didn't realize that day, his first fishing trip was going to be the stepping stone to where he is today as a top notch fishing guide. 

Stormy and his family moved to Idaho in 2003 and made Orofino his new home. His guiding experience got kick started in a drift boat on the Clearwater River where he spent 11 years perfecting his craft. Stormy jumped into a jet boat in 2015 and is now considered one of the top fishing guides on the river. His wealth of knowledge he's gained from the Idaho and Washington waters takes him to the great state of Alaska every summer to guide for Kings and Silvers at the Togiak river lodge. He returns back in September to chase steelhead on the Clearwater for the next seven months. In the spring, you'll find him heckling some walleye around the Boardman and Tri-Cities area of the Columbia River. He stays busy until our Clearwater River Springers arrive in May. 

Our company is very fortunate to have such a diverse fishing guide that is passionate about the sport of fishing and the joy he takes in making his clients happy. He is a great father and family man and treats his clients as such. Like all us that make fishing our job, there's a strong woman that supports what we do. When you book a trip with Stormy, you're getting Heathers wonderful potato salad and treats to go along with Stormy's BBQ burgers. We hear all the time from our loyal fishing clients, just how great Stormy and his customer service is. We are proud of our great team of fishing guides and the day we added Stormy to our line-up, we became a better fishing company.

Brett Dickerson

Brett was born and raised in SW Washington in the town of Camas, WA on the Columbia River where he spent every free moment fishing the local rivers. Getting his first jet boat at age 14 allowed Brett to start tuning his boating and fishing skills. After graduating from high school, Brett become much more serious about fishing as he learned more about new rivers and techniques. At age 20, he was offered a guiding position in Alaska. After the summer he made his mind up that this was going to be his career path. His family owned business, Westlie Ford in Camas was going to have to wait. He soon started his guiding business Columbia River Sport Fishing and was on his way. Along with guiding in Oregon and Washington for Salmon, steelhead, and sturgeon he also spends June and July on the famous Nushagak River in Alaska. In 2010 Brett leased a charter boat offering high-speed six albacore tuna charters, which today is called Oregon Tuna Charters. Brett has the reputation throughout the fishing world as a relentless worker and relishes putting his clients on fish. His passion for the sport and care for his clients make Brett a perfect match for Stott’s Fishing. Brett has a brand new 26 ft. Bentz boat to facilitate large groups on the Clearwater. We are proud to announce Brett Dickerson and welcome him to our fishing family.

Bret's Fishing Lineup: Columbia River Sturgeon, Salmon, Steelhead, Walleye   Clearwater River Salmon & Steelhead

Snake River Steelhead, Sturgeon, Walleye, Bass, Salmon

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